Baking, Freezing, Thawing and Storing: The Challenges of Desserts

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Baking, Freezing, Thawing and Storing: The Challenges of Desserts

Hi, my name is Penny, and as a trained pastry chef, I truly understand the challenges kitchens face when it comes to desserts. In most cases, the profit margin on desserts is so low that restaurants lose money selling desserts, but on the other hand, a tasty slab of chocolate cake can also make a diner fall in love with his or her meal and return to your establishment. If you are a food services professional interested in rethinking the issue of dessert, you have come to the right place. Please, get comfortable and peruse these posts. They have ideas related to increasing your profit margin on desserts, making easy desserts, freezing and storing desserts to save money and more. Thanks for reading.



A Guide on Event Catering Supplies

Catering is a great career. Other than making events memorable for your clients, you will also enjoy the excellent pay and close connection with food. Below is a short list of event catering supplies you might require to make your future jobs a success.  Cooking and Serving  An essential element of event catering supply is food preparation. Other than plates and spoons, you need to plan how you will cook the food. Read More